Organic Barn Mist for your automated systems. Breathe easy knowing you are using only pure botanical ingredients. Enjoy a fresh, deodorized bug-free barn with the added benefits of Equine Aromatherapy. Your horse's attitudes are sure to brighten and no more hiding when the sprayer goes off.
Now a larger size! This gallon (128 oz. ) Barn Mist Concentrate will fill your 55-gallon tank system. No oils, soaps, chemicals, sulfates, pyrethrins, permethrins, No citronella, petros, vinegar or diluted with WATER  like other brands-  Just Pure essential oils with witch hazel and Happiness!  Other brands have a scant 3%-6% actives, while GHOs Concentrate is 75% Actives(Pure Essential Oils)  We blast the competition away!  We offer Value, Affordability and only the Finest ingredients in Nature. No cutting corners, inferior ingredients or mass-produced store brands with minimally effective ingredients. The True workhorse in the biz.  Say goodbye to toxic pesticides forever. Now you can have a Green Barn paradise.

Go Green Barn Mist

  • Replace your old traditional pesticide and breathe easy knowing you are not spraying toxic chemicals on yourself, horses and entire barn.  Buggs will get lost and you get to enjoy the beautiful aromatherapy scent that bugs just cant stand.  Pure Concentrated Essential oils, no fillers, no water, no oils, NO Citronella, no soap, no mineral oil, No Toxins.

    - Pure therapy grade Lemongrass, Lemon Eucalyptus, Himalayan Cedarwood, Peppermint, Palmarosa, Bulgarian lavender, witch hazel,rosemary and more pest fighters. 

    Limit to one per order to keep supply available. Cost of pure essential oils are up accross the board as well as shipping fees. Thank you for undertanding.

  • Contact me personally if ever you have a problem- Green Horse customers are my family!