Mini Unicorn Tails is the soul mate to Sensitive Suds Shampoo.  The ultimate natural mane and tail conditioner that is scent free.  Create long silky, luscious and tangle free mane and tail on your unicorn.  The conditioning benefits are limitless and without the worry of any chemicals, synthetic fragrance, wax, silicones or junk filler.  Each ingredient is chosen to perform; from biotin for growth, argan oil for elasticity to keratin for strength. Thank you Mother Nature!  4 oz. highly concentrated formula.  Perfect for sensitive horses or anyone wanting to use clean green products. ph balanced

Mini Unicorn Tails Conditioner- Unscented

  • Aloe vera, water, Vit A, E, C, biotin, Argan oil, veg glycerine, grapeseed oil, keratin, Olive oil, wild cherry bark, goldenseal, calendula, hydrolyzed rice protein, hops, potassium sorbate, panthenol, polysorbate60. (coconut derived) PH balanced, no dyes, fragrance, synthetics.