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How Green Horse came to be....

 I have studied Aromatherapy, essential oils and herbs for over 12 years. I am currently studying Ayurveda healing to further enhance my product research and own personal health.  I believe in horse body work;  massage, accupuncture ,Chiropractic, and Aromatherapy.  Im always reading or trying a natural holistic method to enhance my horses lives.  I am a certified horse show judge which has been a great experience, plus it allows me to stay current with horse owners needs and make a long needed difference in the show ring.  Growing up with horses, riding, showing training in many different diciplines with various breeds makes a well rounded horse girl.  I will never stop evolving and learning from some of the best teachers on the planet-Horses... 

Happy healthy trails to you,

Nancy Lamb


  How did Green Horse come to be? I have always been enchanted by horses since I was a little girl growing up on a cattle/grain ranch in Iowa. I started out with an ornery Shetland pony that made her goal unloading me in many creative ways! My desire to have a partnership and best friend never faltered, I began riding quarter horses at a young age and learned from anyone that would give me the time of day about horsemanship, training and care. I began an exciting show career, and never saw a day that i did not learn something from being around horses. Their beauty, intelligence and forgiving nature still felt magical to me. I would spend hours sitting in the pasture watching them graze and often they would come close grazing right by my leg, letting me join their inner circle.

  My mother was not a horse person at all and one day she said I was a horse whisperer.  I laughed and asked her what she meant by that,she said I seemed to be thinking like a horse, you get connected with them, you can get them to do anything. That seemed funny at the time, because I was not whispering in their ear, but down the road I came to understand what my mom was saying. I did not know the natural training methods i do now, but I did spend the time to get to know and understand them.


  I enjoyed showing in disciplines from western horsemanship, showmanship,halter,pleasure,equitation,trail,western riding, winning state,national and world titles, but something was missing..... I turned my sights to reining, when most females did not show in this event, and certainly not a youth , I loved bucking the norm!  I fell for reining with an old buckskin gelding that had more Mojo than I could imagine, his slides and spins wowed the crowd, we had a a great time, raising eyebrows all the way!  This horse was trained roughly, but had the natural desire reiners dream of, after a bit of re-training with gentle horsemanship we became an unbeatable team. I felt this 17 year old horse was not fulfilling his potential, so we continued with my natural/gentle guidance and started entering every event and becoming the IBHA hi-point youth and IBHA world champions in 6 events. You can teach an old dog new tricks and this one taught me many lessons about heart, partnership and Love.  


   My pure love of horses fueled my desire to use better,safer,natural products on my horses.  The options were few, and many did not live up to their label claims and effective natural options did not exist, this left me searching for answers. So, being the tenacious girl I am, I decided to start making what i needed/wanted for my horses. Why not? i have the will and i know their must be a better way-so my quest began! Today with family and work, my horse dreams are scaled down, but no less ambitious. I am always eager to further my horsemanship skills and strengthen the partnership I have with my horses. No truer words have been spoken than the old horsemens'(womans') saying "You will never stop learning something new from horses every day".


In March of 2010, I was just preparing to launch Green Horse Organics when I got the shocking news from my Doctor, "You have breast cancer". Well many things happened really fast, your senses go numb, then you kinda crash and burn. My horses were always there when I just couldn't face any more Doctor appointments or depressing conversations about "it". The feel and smell of a horse is a beautiful thing. I needed their pure Power and calming energy, I needed to rub some of it off onto myself. After the surgery and radiation, i felt weak, my riding mojo was zapped, I was at rock bottom. I had taken on a needy horse before this diagnosis and his healing fueled mine. Sundance, is a senior paint gelding with rain rot like I had never seen and some riding issues that needed figuring out. He needed someone to take the time he needed to regain his health, confidence and vigor. Spending quiet time every day with this sweetheart showed me what an amazing personality and gentle natured boy he was. We spent the next 3 months healing one another. I had to bathe and care for wounds covering 1/3 of his body every day. Feeling too exhausted to even lift my saddle for a ride, I decided to put a rope halter on Sundance and go for a bareback ride. I was not sure what to expect, I had only known him a few months and never rode him due to the horrible skin lesions from the rain rot. I climbed on from the mounting block and started out slowly, he seemed fine with it all. I threw caution to the wind, asked for a canter and three glorious strides in, my heart soared. Wowee, I had discovered the most joyful, smooth, floaty canter I had ever known, we cantered around til my strength was zapped. I slid off, spent but elated and thanked this amazing horse for the gift he gave me today. My riding MoJO was back and my heart is full of joy-May the healing begin! Live life to the fullest,Nancy


This 2013 year has brought many new adventures and surprises, some good and some not so good. As some of you may know I had a new cancer detected close to the same area that had been treated in 2010, so life went a little crazy once again.

 This February I had a bilateral mastectomy and continued reconstruction all year, with a recent surgery 4 weeks ago. whew, well thats enough for this year! Its been tuff, I have had many down days, but with the support of friends, family, my awesome husband and of course HORSES, I know I will triumph! This journey forces me to quote John Wayne "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway". This for me sums up dealing with a cancer diagnosis. You never know how strong you really are until life makes you show your true grit. I never thought this would happen to me, but I feel stronger than ever and more appreciative of the small things in life that really truly matter. Our life on earth is short, so lets make it count, show kindness to others and experience the beauty of a horse. I am full of appreciation for all the people who sent me well wishes and kind words of healing.Be Strong and Canter on,Nancy

Nancy Lamb | Founder of Green Horse Organics
Nancy Lamb | Founder of Green Horse Organics
Nancy Lamb | Founder of Green Horse Organics

Take time for fun!

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