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Green Horse Testimonials

Real horses and owners sharing their personal stories.

Natural Horse Care Products | Natural Fly Spray For Horses | Green Horse Organics
If you would like to share your experience with Green Horse and showcase a special horse or rider contact me to be added here.  Share the Love!

Julie and Ted

My name is Julie and my husband, Ed -- has been ordering your spray for our neighbor’s donkey. We try to get down to the farm every day to give him carrots and are so grateful for your spray! We had been using something suggested to us at the local Tractor and Supply store. But I was concerned about the toxicity of the chemicals…The directions told us to use gloves and I thought, “heavens, this poor old donkey is going to have some serious problems if we use this!” We always leave Ted (the donkey) completely relieved to have those flies leave him alone.


Our neighbor is now 91 yrs. old and has offered to give us Ted. We have never had any large animals before and as both of us recently turned 60 – it’s probably crazy for us to be doing this. But Ted is precious and the winters here in N.E. Pennsylvania can be intense. We hope to get him in the next few months and perhaps get him a friend in the way of a goat. (He used to have a miniature donkey friend named Ned, but sadly he passed away last year.


Anyway, just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is – and we always recommend it to anyone we know who has large animals. (Wish I could spray all the cows down on this farm too, but sadly it’s not realistic!)


You must have a very caring heart to have developed this product – and it’s clear you do, as you also included the roll-on gift.  Thank you so much!


Take care and God bless,


World champion cowgirl Kenda

Hi Nancy,
Happy Easter!

I just wanted to send you a quick note as a "testimonial" for the GHO fly spray.

I'm competing at the CMSA National Championship this week in Tunica, Mississippi. As it's warm, humid and springtime, the gnats and biting flies are pretty terrible his time of year (the arena is only a few miles off of the MS river, a perfect climate for bugs).

Walking my horses out of their stalls to my trailer to tack up is like open season for the bugs to attack, causing a very annoying grooming and tacking up session.... both horses dancing around like their hooves are on fire, won't stand still, heads tossing, tail swishing, etc.

I liberally used the fly spray on both of them and the dancing stopped immediately! It is unbelievable how quickly and effectively the spray worked!! I'm in love with this product!!!

Kenda Lenseigne

Ginny and her crew love GH fly spray

 BY the way, your product is selling itself.  There are so many flies here - maybe all the unseasonably torrential rains have done it- and  everyone is using a lot of fly spray.  Several people have remarked that the flies are not responding to their chemical spray anymore.  And many comment when they come into the barn asking what that great smell is (your spray).  So, i have told many to use your spray anytime -it hangs outside my horses' stalls.  The two who I know tried it, loved it!  Hopefully, more will try it!  Thanks for having such an awesome product!  Ginny S.

Summer Trail ride test for Fly spray

Hi Nancy!, First off-the spray is AMAZING!!!  I will be ordering more soon.  It worked great on our trail ride against ticks, biting flies and the monster horse flies we have here.  Secondly the salve is a miracle worker, i used it on Cherokees leg for rain rot and it cleared in days!  Thank you for creating wonderful, safe products.  I will be sharing you with all my pony pals.  Jen Snell, Cherokee and Mya

Champion Eventer Dani sussman is a big fan of the Barn Mist and fly spray

Dani was introduced to Green Horse through young lady taking dressage lessons from her.  She always noticed how gret her and her mom smelled when they came to her barn-they later figured out it was the Total horse protection fly spray.  They always sprayed their mini donkeys before heading to her barn.  Dani decided to try the Barn mist concentrate to replace her previous toxic spray in the automatic system.  She was hooked!  Not only did it take care of all the barn pests, it smelled like a heavenly spa!  Dani is now a sponsor for Green Horse Organics ,uses the products and tells other natural mined owners about the benefits of going Green. We are so proud to have her on our Green team and wish her all the best at her many events.  More about Dani and her training barn Aspire eventing-

Leah and her horse family share the love

Hey!  thanks so much. what you do is so worthwhile and i really appreciate your work. here in florida we have bugs all year long and your product keeps my boys safe and comfortable. our whole life philosophy is to do no harm and i feel great using your products not only for the well being of my horses but also for myself and the environment. 100% peace of mind and an added bonus of a beautiful scent. 


thanks again. a loyal fan! 


The Sunny and Betty W. Story

Sunny was injured 4 years ago by hitting her poll in the door frame. Overtime the damage became apparent, she wasn't eating which I assume to be stomach problems but instead was TMJ. And soon she was dragging her toes, which was muscle stiffness. Evidently the damage is like a human hitting their C1 area which throws out everything below it.

Sunny's had treatments over the years, like chiropractic, accupuncture, massage, and supplement treatments. Each treatment has benefit but not lasting. Unfortuantely the accupuncture vet was not as skillful as he said and he caused damage by pulling her front legs outward giving her lasting pain in her chest and shoulder area. Afterwards she couldn't walk for an entire week after he did that!

Currently I'm giving her a supplement product, Recovery EQ Extra Strength and massage her with the HEALING TOUCH MUSCLE/JOINT GEL. I rub it on her TMJ area, poll area, forehead, around her ears. I massage it in her chest and shoulder area. And her back legs around the (I don't know the name of the joint) high up on her hind legs near the flank, and also along the muscle that runs along the rump/buttocks. I include the thigh (I don't know the correct name), and the hock.

Sunny moves well and she likes the product and is very cooperative that I'm using it. It mets with her approval and she gives it her seal of approval, which is so important to me. Horses know about such things. That is also true about the Organic Fly Spray because all of my horses stand still to be sprayed with it, nobody walks off. Even if they are standing freely in the pasture, they will stand for this fly spray. If it were a chemical spray, they would walk off. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know. Horses know.

I also use the massage gel on myself and family whenever we have stiffness anywhere, like a tight neck, or maybe the back from lifting too much. It works great!

Thank you Nancy for putting out such wonderful products, and please don't ever stop making them! I love the massage gel and the fly spray. I'll never buy anything else now that I know about them.  Betty W.  Ohio



Susan H. and Nia talk about living the Green(horse) Life

  A few summers ago the mosquitoes were the worst I have ever experienced. Tried every (natural) bug spray imaginable and none were doing the trick. Came across Green Horse Organics during an internet search and finally found a non-toxic spray that works for all sorts of nasties. The Total Horse Protection truly lasts and conditions the coat – a win/win. I use it on myself as well as my dogs. Since that was such a success I decided to try more Green Horse products and all performed extremely well. 

   The Nature’s Gold Skin Doctor and the Healing Touch Muscle and Joint Rub both have worked better than anything else I have tried – in fact I asked for a larger size of the Healing Touch as my DLSD pony gets more relief from that than bute and Nancy was wonderful at making this happen.

   This past winter I tried some of the human skin care products and was again very impressed. The Ranch Hand skin cream kept my hands from cracking during the cold winter months. Loved it so much all of my boarders were given a jar as a holiday gift - they all love it too.

  I live my life as close to nature as possible and with Green Horse products that has become even easier.  Service is always fast and Nancy is super to work with.  Gratefully Nia and Susan

Darci G. and the mini Donkey Crew : Stormy-Tater-Sparky and Moe(backside)

Hi!  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are!!  My donkeys are so thankful for your fly spray:) it is working wonders and is so pleasant to use.  I have tried so many natural brands and have even made my own with several different recipes and nothing has worked so well.  My Ferrier tried it and can't believe how well it works.  He is passing your company name  along to all of his other clients:)

Darci G.

Pastor Pammers and her Dressage horses

Went on lite trail and big 52 bomber flies did land but did not stay landed!!  So far so good w/ your horse fly spray !!!  Just wish you also made it to wash them with after a hard ride.  I find the layers do a good job but as you wash the horse and start again that's the rub.....   Just love your fly spray!  I am looking forward to  same results when we do really sweaty dressage workouts as well!!


Beautiful Dressage Horses are Percherons from Windermere Farms.  Gelding is Everblest Exodus and Filly Heavens Rend.

The Bombers Pastor Pammers talked about from above photo !!

  Below are the HUGE stealth FLY bombers!!  The torso is your thumb; kinda wide bodied and super angular stealth bomber like wings.  When they bite the blood just trickles/drips down the horse's skin.  Not your avg barn/horse fly!! This one is small by our barn's norm.

She sent me this photo of the flies that pester her horses-I was blown away!


Previous email-Went on lite trail and big 52 bomber flies did land but did not stay landed!!  So far so good w/ your horse fly spray !!!  Just wish you also made it to wash them with after a hard ride.  I find the layers do a good job but as you wash the horse and start again.  Just love your fly spray!  I am looking forward to  same results when we do really sweaty dressage workouts as well!!

Joan .J. Illinois "Ride Hard... Take Chances"

I’m sure you know that we have gotten a ton of rain here in N. Illinois, S. Wisconsin…bug hell!!!  Tried your stuff this weekend for a 3-4 hour ride, AWESOME!!!  The free roll on was a crowd pleaser!!!  We will be customers FOR LIFE!!!  Thanks for making such a good product!


JJ – “ride hard…take chances”


I just got my new fly spray, packed well with the free gift (thx).  I can’t wait to try it, the bugs have been GINORMOUS here is Northern Illinois!!!

Lucky Our Cover Model (He is the horse on Baby Face Sun and Bug Label)

This is Hes A Lucky Prince (Lucky), an 11-year-old paint that still thinks he is 2.  He is a great grandson of triple crown winner Secretariat.  Linda has had him since he was 3 years old, trail rides and trained Lucky using Clinton Anderson's methods.  He does tricks:  answers yes and no; fetches her hat, smiles, and gives her kisses and can jump a barrel at liberty. Wow, what a talented guy! Thanks Linda for sharing Lucky with us!  This cool Paint  keeps his pink nose protected with Green Horse Baby Face-Sun & Bug Guard.


Katrin and Fabio Belgian Draft cross Rescue His name says it all!!

Fabio- Beautiful Belgian/Clysdale Draft rescue, his name says it all!  Katrin has been using green horse products on this awesome guy after she adopted him form a rescue.  She is a horse hero!  These beauties need extra tlc , gentle products and lots of love.

Edith B. and Nugget

All of my horses hate fly spray and will either run or balk when

they see the spray bottle. I use the Green Horse Fly Spray for the first time on Tuesday and again last night (Wednesday). No one moves, they just stand there and let me spray them. My spooky boy is not so nervous either. After I finished spraying them, my husband said what is that wonderful smell, I said it was the fly spray. All three just stand there and ate in peace, instead of trying to eat and swatting flies. I would recommend this product and will be purchasing more of it. I'm also going to try the peaceful spirit for my horse that spooks at his own shadow. Thank you for such wonderful products.

Edith B.  KS.

Katie S and Jake

Dear Nancy, we just received another order of your Green Horse fly spray.  This fly spray is by far the most effective spray I have used for my horses.  It's gentle but it does an excellent job.  I work my horse in the woods and he's just not bothered by flies when I use the spray on him.  In the past, there have been times Jake, my horse, and I have been driven out of the field or woods by the flies but not since I've been using your spray.  We also use the spray on our sweet milk cow, Becka.  This is a really challenging year for flies because it's been extremely wet here in Vermont.  But your spray has been very helpful in keeping my working horse and our milk cow comfortable.  Thanks for your great product.  I've attached a couple photos of Jake, who is a Suffolk draft horse -- my friend and wonderful work partner.
Kate S. East Hardwick, Vermont

Natural fly spray is proving to be amazing

Thank you, Nancy!  BY the way, your product is selling itself.  There are so many flies here - maybe all the unseasonably torrential rains have done it- and  everyone is using a lot of fly spray.  Several people have remarked that the flies are not responding to their chemical spray anymore.  And many comment when they come into the barn asking what that great smell is (your spray).  So, i have told many to use your spray anytime -it hangs outside my horses' stalls.  The two who I know tried it, loved it!  Hopefully, more will try it!  Thanks for having such an awesome product!  Mary S.

Kim R. and Baby Face

This is Kim R.  You shipped 2 containers of Baby Face to me a little while ago for my beautiful pink nosed mare.  I just wanted to email to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product!  It is honestly the best I've ever used!  
Blessings to you and your animal friends!
Kim :-)


Kind words about Fly spray

Nancy, I used the green fly spray at a Kansas trail ride. The temps were in the 90's and every type of nasty fly was out. Black flies, deer flies, horse flies and mosquitoes. Your fly spray worked great. I was very pleased with it.

Beth A. - Iowa



E.F- N.J.

Kari and Fiddle

Hey Nancy,

So far so good!!!  Fiddle has not had any reaction to your fly spray!  (this horse is extremely sensitive )We both love the smell too...his smelling it always turns into him trying to sample it :)  I am so thrilled and relieved to be able to use a fly spray on him and know he is not going to have edema or peeling skin from it.  Fiddle and I both appreciate your product so much.  I always try to use natural and organic products for myself and my animals, and I appreciate the quality, care, and ingredients in your spray.

We are also having some incredible weather here.  Even with being back at school I have been able to ride and spend time with Fiddy.

I hope all is well with you!!!

With gratitude,

~Kari- CT.

Paula from The Whole Horse

I got the spray and started using it on my horses.  So far, it looks like it is working better then any others I have tried!  The no see ums (gnats) are a real problem here and nothing seems to deter them and they just drive the horses crazy.  This morning I noticed that my two horses were a lot less bothered than the others out in the pasture.   I have a natural horse store, so I have been trying out all of the products I sell too, and I’m really impressed with yours.  Do you sell wholesale to retailers at all? 



The Whole Horse N.C

Deb K. from Iowa


 I mixed up the concentrate with water in my new sprayer bottle.  Bottle works great!

The scent of the fly spray was very pleasant.  I have tried other “natural” fly sprays and even they smelled so strong and unpleasant.  I went to the barn to work on a pair harness that had mildewed in the humid weather.  In shorts, the flies started attacking my legs right away.  I sprayed your fly spray on my legs and the flies left me alone, not just for a half hour, but for the entire 2 hours I worked on the harness and the rest of the evening.

My “discriminating” mare let me spray her all over both last night and this morning.  I put the bottle to her nose to smell and evidently she thought it was OK.  There have been other sprays that she’ll have no part of and I have to halter her to get it on. First blush, I think I have found a wonderful product that smells good, works well, and the horses like.  Thanks. A new customer,

DebK.- Iowa

Leroy(TB) Rescue and Nina heal Sarcoma and re-grow hair

Leroy is now 20 y/o TB. 16.3 hands. 

Came as a rescue as due to Sarcoma it was either Timber Hall Farm with Catie Itschner or slaughter house. 

Over 1 year the Sarcoma was removed.  We had trouble keeping moisture for the wound to heal from inside out and hair regrowth was non existent.  We tried all the baby products for sensitive skin then found Nature's Gold with daily application of the "mustard"... we called it that. It worked so well other folks wanted to share for their bites and nicks. 

So Leroy is much better.  Doing absolutely fantastic and showing beautifully in dressage.   My daughter has even used it on his right shoulder to regrow hair from and injury.   She pasted it like a thunderbolt and we'll that's what it is.   We also use the fly spray which is very effective in the Texas heat and cold.

   Hope you enjoy some pics of the duo.   So glad you have more made! !

We would like to sell if you would want too at the barn.

Cheers and Best, 

Erin, Nina and Leroy


Jess and Snow (paint/halinger Rescue)

 I love all of the Green Horse products, but the one I love the most is Natures Gold Skin Doctor. I have a rambunctious gelding who likes to play rough. He always comes back to the barn with new scratches, scrapes, and bite marks. I apply Natures Gold as soon as I see a new scrape and within a few days the scab has softened and fallen away showing new and perfect skin grown over beneath, quickly followed by hair re-growth. I've found that applying Natures Gold speeds up this process vs. just letting the scab heal alone. Bonus: I can apply this product with my bare hands or even put it on my own scrapes because I know there's nothing in it that could hurt me, unlike some commercial products! If I can't use something on my own skin why would I want to use it on my horse? Love Natures Gold and Green Horse!  Jess G.  Iowa


Jesselyn is a 2011 Iowa State graduate with a degree in Animal Science.  She lives in central Iowa with her horse, Snow, a loveable Haflinger/Paint gelding with a larger than life personality.  Snow was adopted from a local rescue in 2010.  Since then she has been riding, training, and competing together in Dressage and Combined Training.

 Fav G.H product-Natures Gold.

Beverly and her BLM Mustang

 I used Green Horse Fly Spray for the first time last summer--it worked great! This is the ONLY fly spray I've found that my BLM mustang will allow near him and my quarter horse will come trotting up to me when I get the bottle out. With all the rain and flooding we have going on down here, this is going to be a horrible fly, mosquito, gnat and tick season---so I will be arming myself and the boys with this fly spray.

Beverly H.  Memphis TN.

Lindsey talks flies and benefits of lavender (Peaceful spirit)

Hi Nancy, I love my fly spray!  Yesterday, I was at the barn on another humid Virginia day.  The flies were all over my horse.  I grabbed my Green Horse Natural Fly spray and put it all over him.  I grabbed my brush and turned to his legs to help brush the spray in when I realized all the flies were gone.  When I say all the flies, I mean there were about fifty flies around his legs.  They all left. I love how I can coat him down with the spray and not worry about putting too much chemicals on his skin. I also love my little bottle of lavender.  I use it on my horse when I am about to trailer him for trail riding.  It smells wonderful and he has been a calm, laid back horse!  Thank you and I will tell all my equine friends about your spray! 

Lindsey -VA.


Betsy from Minnesota

Good Morning Nancy,

We are in the worst gnat season I have seen in a long time. I am using both Green horse Fly Spray (liquid) and the roll-on for my horses. Yesterday I sprayed it on myself when I went to cut hay. Both are very effective and I can actually see flies and gnats being repelled. Horses that typically don't care to be sprayed will stand at liberty, while I spray them One of my horses comes right over when I hold up the spray bottle. It's impossible to keep gnats from swarming but so far they are not biting. I have been introducing the Calming Oil to my herd and one of my horses licked it off my hands.

I am telling my horse-friends about your product and will share some of mine for them to's a very good product.



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