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How it all Started and my dedication to you and your horses.....

 Green Horse Organics is the result of over 25 years of my personal experience, research, trial and error and an endless Passion for horses.  I have long wondered why we as smart savvy modern horse people have settled for chemical laden toxic fly sprays for so many years.  I am very concerned with these pesticides, and the many years spent inhaling the spray and  absorbing these toxins through our skin when we come in contact with our horses. (And of course we want to feel free to love on them endlessly.)


 All we really want to do is  provide our beloved equines with some relief from flies and biting insects, but is it worth the risk?  I have always thought  there must be a better way for you and your horse.  Our horses count on us for care and we have been spraying them down with these pesticides thinking that we are helping not harming them.  You will of course end up with some fly spray on yourself in the process, and I am no longer willing to be contaminated by the traditional  toxic fly sprays.  It is no longer the necessary evil, because now you have safe options.


  Well I know we can do better, so I have put all of my efforts into solving this problem naturally, with ingredients that mother nature has provided.  I have finally created the most powerful combination of ingredients to protect your horse from flies, while still being gentle and safe for horses and humans.  I am thrilled to offer you this fantastic natural product and am confident your horse is going to appreciate it as much as you.  I know there are several other so called natural options out there, but the ingredients are weak, not very effective or just  plain do not work at all.  I have tried them all over the years on my own horses, as I have pursued making the very best natural horse fly spray possible.


   I know what horse owners are looking for because I am one, and have been for 35 years.   First of all it has to work, then it needs to be natural, gentle, long lasting and smelling good does not hurt either!  Also, if your fly spray had other healthy benefits that would just be the icing on the cake!  This is why my fly spray is heads and tails above the rest and I have chosen my outstanding ingredients to take care of all of these concerns.  You get multiple benefits with added healing, calming, and conditioning botanicals, making it the most effective multi purpose natural horse spray on the market.  It works 4 ways and more, details on following pages on this remarkable multi-tasker. 

Thanks to my wonderful supportive Green Horse Friends, I have listened to your horse care needs and added a few more superstar products to the Green Horse Organics line up.  I am dedicated to you, your horses, our health and protecting the environment, so keep your  requests and ideas coming!  Its Not just about the amazing Fly spray anymore, now all of your Natural Horse care needs can be found right here. Together we can create the best Natural horse care imaginable.




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Green Horse Organics | Organic Horse Care Products
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