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Green Horse Ambassadors

Celebrity Horse Trainers using, loving and  sharing Green Horse with their friends and fans.  Meet Team Green Horse-2023

Kenda Lenseigne

GHO Ambassador-World Champion Mounted Shooter

Kenda Lenseigne

Accomplished Horsewoman, Sharpshooter, Entrepreneur.

Kenda has spent her life on the back of a horse. She started competing at the ripe old age of four and continued all throughout her childhood in both Western and English disciplines. After an apprenticeship in Texas with some of the country’s top cutting horse trainers, she was introduced to the sport of mounted shooting in California, where she qualified for the World Championship after only her 4th competition.

Since those early days, she’s developed a reputation as an accomplished trainer of both horses and people, won just about everything there is to win in the competitive arena and cultivated a thriving business dedicated to introducing others to her sport.

Her proudest accomplishment remains winning the title of Overall World Champion, becoming the first woman to best her male competitors. She did this riding Justin, a former trail horse that she nurtured from scratch, building him into a phenomenal equine athlete.

Kenda’s business is based in Arizona, which allows her to offer training year-round Find out more about Kenda at her website-


We are beyond thrilled to partner with such an outstanding cowgirl! Team GreenHorse!

Crystal Founds

With over 20 years of experience as a third-generation horsewoman, AQHA Professional Horsewoman Crystal Founds has worked with over 250 different equines in 4 different states, studied with well-known trainers, clinicians, and real cowboys, and raised and trained a rescued quarter horse from the day he was born. She has a successful track record with improving behaviors and relationships including: hard to catch horses, hard to load horses, bucking horses, horses with underlying nutritional deficiencies, saddle fit issues, horses that were sold as broke but weren't, untouched horses, horses who were hard in the mouth, horses who were switching careers, and horses who needed higher levels of veterinary & farrier care. Not to mention a lot of human training. 😉

She’s a proud OTTB mom, having discovered the wonder of Off the Track Thoroughbreds through CANTER Ohio in 2014. Today, Crystal enjoys teaching Oliver everything he can learn, from reining to rearing, dressage to barrels, jumping, endurance & tricks.

“Ms. Crystal” as the kids call her, graduated USPC (United States Pony Club) as a C-2 when she was a teenager, after years of navigating a barely broke Southwest Spanish Mustang (who was related to Hidalgo, from the Choctaw bloodlines in the Rickman herd in OK), around cross country courses and show rings in the New River Valley before riding mustangs was very….accepted. Because of her beginnings in mustang training, Crystal has a soft spot in her heart for youth mustang trainers & supports up & coming mustang trainers through Green Horse Organics' Ambassador program and through her support of New Freedom Farm & a plethora of other mustang training initiatives.

During undergrad, Crystal studied natural horsemanship for 8 years before creating Sustainable Horsemanship. In 2009 & 2012, she navigated uncharted wilderness in national forests and across the continental divide (literally) as a Wrangler on guest ranches in Idaho & Wyoming, guiding guests safely through sagebrush, lightning storms, swamps and places where there are no trails and no answers, only faith.

Crystal has always hacked out in both English and Western styles of riding, hence the usage of genre bending terms like "Wenglish," “Engstern,” “cross-dressing,” or “Multidisciplinary.” She grew up showing in pee-wee barrel racing, got the English bug at 11, the natural horsemanship bug at 19, and a strong desire to help change the industry at 26.

After many years of hardship & brutal experiences both in the horse world and in real life, Crystal learned the most important thing to pass on to her students is how to have FUN and achieve the ultimate level of trust & communication with our equine partners, for our safety & theirs.

Much of Ms. Crystal’s talent with horses is intuitive, what many refer to as "horse whispering." She describes her techniques as "horse listening" to highlight one of the many core concepts behind effective foundation horsemanship. She believes that anyone who puts their mind to it can be wildly successful with horses, and she is passionate about teaching, as teaching runs in her family. As a seasoned social worker, Crystal creates a unique, individualized experience for her students with an uncanny ability to read and predict both human and horse behavior.

Crystal's favorite riding disciplines include Eventing, Trail, Reining, Rodeo and Gymkhana. Her other passions as a trainer include O.T.T.B. (Off the Track Thoroughbred) rehabilitation, Mustang Makeover programs, and liberty horsemanship. One of her favorite things is watching the transformation of timid youth or adults become skilled and confident riders on SH's beloved schoolhorses.


Crystal Founds, AQHA Professional Horsewoman
Founder & President
Sustainable Horsemanship

Camille Mc Cutchon

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My name is Camille McCutchon, biology student at Texas A&M. I am also pursuing an equine certificate and I enjoy spending time with my dog and my two mustangs. I have been riding horses since I was young but I did not get the opportunity to have one of my own until I was sixteen. I have learned so much since then, and the horse has been my greatest teacher. Training mustangs is my passion and I have personally gotten four out of holding so far. Last year I had the honor of competing in my first mustang makeover. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to do it again.
>>>>> My goals include finishing my main mustang, Aurora, in reining and competing with her. By doing so, I hope to spread the word about how versatile, athletic, and amazing mustangs are. I also want to learn more about liberty and trick training with my little mustang, Tuxedo. I plan on getting as many mustangs out of holding and into good homes as possible, that includes competing once again in the Fort Worth EMM. I am mostly self-taught when it comes to the gentling and horse starting knowledge I have gained. It came with many hard earned lessons and mistakes. So I hope to share what I have learned with others to make their journeyed easier than mine was. For now I am doing what I can through social media, but I daydream about holding clinics and teaching lessons once I gain more experience.
>>>>> As a horse owner I try to keep my horses as naturally as possible. Having a mustang that spent more years in the wild than in the care of humans really puts things in perspective. She’s used to roaming the plains wild and free, not being kept in a stall and eating only at designated times. By keeping my mustangs turned out on grass as much as possible, avoiding super processed feeds, bagging their hay to spread out their eating, etc. I find that their health and quality of life is greatly improved. I only shoe or blanket when necessary and I only stall my horses if weather requires it. Green Horse Organics products are perfect for my horses because they are free of harsh chemicals and I can feel confident that my horses are getting the best possible ingredients. Plus they all smell amazing!
>>>>> I have used GHO products for a couple of years now. My favorite is the nature’s gold. Last summer, my makeover mustang Revelry had a bad rash from some ant bites and her skin and hair started peeling off (nasty, right?). I borrowed some nature’s gold from a friend and her skin and hair grew back in double time! I was so impressed. And I was equally excited when I got the opportunity of being a sponsored rider for Green Horse Organics at the makeover last year. I got so many compliments on Revelry’s cleanliness and shine. I handed out all my business cards and talked about GHO products to anyone who would listen. I feel I would be a good representative for the GHO brand because I love talking about things I am passionate about, and I am passionate about giving my horses the best, most natural care possible!

Sami Pfaff

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My name is Sami Pfaff, Ive ridden horses most of my life starting at age two and am currently jumpstarting my own horse training program. Ive recently published my own equine blog alongside, my horse training program. I own 9 horses that range from 1 month to 32 years old. I work mainly with mustangs and rescues, currently, 3 rescues and four mustangs are in my care and training. My goal is to continue rehoming rescues to loving homes and expanding my blog.  I hope to become a full-time trainer to make a difference using gentle training methods and building equine partnerships. 

I fell into natural products a few years ago, specifically Green Horse Organics which I first used on my mustang and fell in love.  They have become a Go to for my grooming routine. I love knowing that im using something natural and safe for my horses as well as myself.

Haleigh Price

Karsyn Logan

Karsyn Faith

I am from a small town in NC. I started riding horses when I was 8 years old and always had a love of horses.  Something about them made me fill happy and complete. I have ridden and shown in many disciplines from barrels to ranch horse work. I also adopted and trained my own wild mustang and continue to grow in our partnership. I feel like we saved each other.  I love horses so much and it's important to me that I take the best care of her. It's important to use natural products and I love GHO the best.  I don't want any scary chemicals in her system. It is the only way to take care of your best friend.

Melia Gore

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Joy Orr

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Cat Zimmerman

GHO Ambassador

Cat Zimmerman is a 15 year old youth mustang trainer from Morristown, NJ that also splits the year in Archer, FL. She has been around horses since the age of 3, and got into training mustangs when she was 12. She was born into the hunter/jumper world but branched off and found her true passion and love for mustangs in 2015 through the Extreme Mustang Makeover program. Cat placed 4th overall out of 17 in her first Youth Mustang Makeover, didn't compete in her second due to colic, and was the overall champion of her third Makeover. Outside of the EMM, Cat gentles and trains mustangs that she adopts, rescues, or is hired by others. Cat is very passionate about the breed, as she also performs with her small team of mustangs at various fairs, expos, and events as a way to promote the mustang. 

Grace Helms

Grace grew up on her parent's horse farm, where they live in the barn loft apartment. Grace has been riding horses since she could walk and was given her first colt when she was 7 years old.  She started him under saddle herself when she was 9.  Grace participates in 4-H, ARHA, IRHA, open horse shows, Extreme Mustang Makeovers, and attends many clinics throughout the year. In her spare time, she also enjoys expanding her knowledge by interning with other trainers.  Grace has developed a passion for Mustangs through the Extreme Mustang Makeover program. She competed in the 2016 and 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeovers, in Fort Worth, Texas. In the 2016 makeover she placed 9th overall with her mustang filly Nevada's Echo. She won the 2017 makeover with her filly Smokin' Hot Ember.  Through the Extreme Mustang Makeover program she has made many new friends and it has helped her expand her knowledge with her horses.  Grace works to promote mustangs in all the venues she participates in. Her mustangs draw a crowd wherever they go, and they are great ambassadors for wild horses everywhere.  Her future plans include participating in adult Extreme Mustang Makeovers, becoming a TIP trainer, and pursuing internships with other trainers to increase her education. 

Jeniffer Deden

GHO Ambassador-Liberty/Trick/Mustang Trainer

Hi my name is Jennifer Deden, I am an active mustang trainer. I love training the wild mustangs. My family has trained over 75 in the past. We got our first mustang/horse when I was 2, and ever since then I have loved working with mustangs. 

    When I was in 5th grade ( 8 or 9) I got my first mustang to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Since that day including the horse I am training currently will be my 7th. I have placed 3rd overall in my age division, 7th overall, 5th overall, and champion. I am super excited for this next makeover which I am in the middle of training. 

    I have also done many things other than mustangs. My sister and I have competed in the Midwest Horse Fair. The Midwest Horse Fair is the largest horse fair in the USA. we were selected out of 500 entrees with 4 other youth competitors to go up and perform. I performed with my Mustang Million horse and Virginia (my sister) performed with her quarter horse. we placed 4th overall and it was a wonderful exsperience. 

    Finally I have done many demonstrations. I have done them at our barn in Houston Texas, and at our Cowboy Church of Leon County in Centerville Texas. And today i've been riding my horse bareback and bridless. weve also done many tricks like riding backwards, laying down, siting up, and starting steps of liberty.


Alix Worley

GHO Ambassador-Youth Extreme Mustang Trainer

I am a native of Texas. I began my love of horses as a toddler and at age 4 started riding.  Determined to own my own horse I saved every penny for 5 years and every night prayed for a horse.  At age 9 I bought my first horse and 5 years later at age 14, I own 3 horses.  I am an advocate of natural horsemanship and even at my young age I have trained under some of the best natural trainers like Madison Shambaugh.  In 2016 I was a youth competitor in the Extreme Mustang Makeover.  I trained my horse by myself and for a first time competitor I placed 7th overall, 5th in the freestyle competition and 4th in handling and conditioning.  I am very much looking forward to training my second wild mustang for the 2017 makeover in Fort Worth, Texas.  My goal for 2017 is to be in the top 3 and demonstrate my love for the wild mustangs and the ability to train at liberty this amazing animal!

We are more than thrilled to Sponsor this young cowgirl and welcome her to the Green Horse Family! - Nancy

Alana Salas

Hello! My name is Alana Salas! My love for horses began when i was little. Today i have  my dream horse Geronimo. He is a tri colored gaited horse. He has taught me everything i know and what i want to be. I am passionate about saving horses and American mustangs. I have two rescues. Geronimo and my colt Finnick. Rescues are my passion. To me saving a horse is the best thing because your saving a life. My other passion is training horses. I am training my horse Finnick at the moment. He is the first horse I'm training. Since I've started i can't get enough of it. I truly love teaching rescue horses to trust and love again. Mustangs included. My dream is to open a training facility and a rescue facility to save and train horses. Horses are my life and i want to help the ones that need me. My horse Geronimo has inspired me to train horses, want to save horses, want to start a ranch. It all starts with him. My name is Alana Salas and i promote rescueing and saving horses! 

Julia Helbling

GHO Ambassador- Equine Body Work and Massage- NCTMB, ABMP

Julia grew up on a farm in England riding before she could walk; she has spent her life immersed in horse culture,  pony clubbing throughout her childhood, then riding thoroughbreds at the racetracks in America. Her understanding of horses is intuitive, sensitive, at the same time centered and practical.  

Julia loves sharing her passion for Ortho-Bionomy® with people and their animals. She has been studying the bodywork since 2001 and loves creating awareness, while sharing her craft.

  Julia has an amazing touch and intuitive nature that almost defies logic.  I have had her work on my horses and witnessed the dramatic changes in attitude and pain improvements first hand.  I am in awe of her abilities and delighted by her kind delightful personality.  Julia started incorporating Green Horse products in her body work last year and she sees how the horses are accepting of the herbal ingredients and knows how well they work!  


Natalie Berryhill

Sponsored rider

 I am 19 years old from Remus, Michigan. Last year I moved my two horses and I, to Pratt Kansas on scholarship for the Central Plains National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association.  My family raced race horses my whole life so I have been around horses since i was a child. I started an interest in rodeo when I was ten and started training my own barrel horses.   Both being mares (grumpy as you can imagine) and being on the road constantly, I have to balance not only their nerves but their health care as well. My girls are both very nervous and sensitive horses. When I first came across your website a year ago, I was looking for an all-natural, horse safe, oil that would soothe my girls when we were at a rodeo.   After trying the Steady Eddy Equine Aromatherapy  I became a big believer in all-natural products!   I began throwing out all chemicals in my horse program. I soon started using your healing touch liniment and your natural fly spray as well on my colts and competitive horses. The biggest difference I noticed of all the products was the liniment. They felt great and it actually seemed to last on their legs noticeably longer than any chemical liniment I've tried.  It is extremely important for hard working horses to stay sound and comfortable. Keeping their legs feeling great so they can go from rodeo to rodeo at the top of their game.  


Just like any horse owner, I want to use the safest and effective products I can to keep these athletes at the top of their game. Many rodeo competitors have this same view, but have yet to experience the organic side of the horse industry. By completely adding GHO to my program, it would allow me to have the safest products on my horses and give me a better piece of mind knowing I'm doing my best for them. I would also be able to guarantee clients that when they bring their training horses to me, they are in the care of the best products as well. I have been so impressed with Green Horse Organics and would be honored to be able to be another positive ambassador.  

Kali Greenlee

Sponsored Rider

Kali Greenlee, is a 20 year old barrel racer from Ohio. She has been competing with NBHA for many years, and plans to never quit. She found her love for horses at a very young age when she got her first miniature horse. Kali is a 14x NBHA Youth World Qualifier, 9x NBHA Open World Qualifier, 2015 NBHA Youth World Finalist, 2x NBHA Ohio State Championship Finalist, Battle for Buck$ Open Qualifier, and many more! 


Follow her journey on Instagram @ohio_barrelracer 

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