Healthy Horse treats- DIY

Everyone loves cookies, horses are no exception. My horse will do just about anything to get these homemade horse treats. Ive listed several, so you can choose by what you have on hand. My son and I have made these cookies many times and they are very popular in the barn, once Justin even tried one because they smell soooo good. (a little too salty, but he would have eaten it anyway.) The cinnimon and apples smells divine in the kitchen. I like to make several batches and keep the extras in the fridge. You will have fun finding your horses fav cookie from this collection of healthy horse treats. Beware as they may cause spontanious displays of tricks like bowing, counting and rolling, w

New Website Open

Yeehaw! It live its up and it is working smoothly. I have about 75% of content transfered to new website. Things have moved around so take some time and look around and get use to this new site. So many more feautures and ways to add fun, excitement and info for my wonderful Green Horse friends! Let me know what you think! It should be easier to find what you are looking for, plus Im excited to be able to offer contests and store dicsounts right here. Shopping cart is improved, more payment options and a whole new fresh look.

My view today-Mini blizzard

WEll the snow is blowing like crazy today. We enjoyed a mild sunday on superbowl day. I put my horses in at night and out during the day when the weather is harsh. The pasture is so mucky frozen and hard to walk I cant stand it. So my life is stall cleaning and getting horses fed/watered in the winter mix. I should be able to get something done at the home office today. Coffee break is over time to go to work!


click click click........ a few more pages done today. I will be converting the basic website over and then bringing the detailed pages in shortly after.

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