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Equine Aromatherapy- Perk- Up Pony  An invigorating blend that will help wake up your tired, lazy,  overworked or older steed! Does your equine need a natural boost to feel energetic? Time to Perk Up and take on the task at hand with this lovely therapeutic grade essential oil blend.  Safe, natural and amazing results.  

Equine Aromatherapy- Perk-Up Pony

  • Pure organic therapeutic grade essential oils in a base of jojoba and dry coconut oil. Rosemary oIl, Juniperberry Oil, lemongrass Oil, Nutmeg oil, Fir Balsam Oil, and Lemon Oil. Apply to your hands and apply gently to muzzle and face, concentrating on nostrils. Breath in the goodness. Yes this is made for humans too. Apply to wrists and pulse points like perfume, use in a room diffuser, add a drop to a tissue and inhale, diffuser lockets and bracelts.

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