Shampoo & Shave Bar- New Heaven & Earth skincare product, Our sister brand made for horse people! Natural Luxury ingredints on the go.Shampoo and Shave bar is a great eco-friendly multitasking bar. Its safe and gentle for hair, beards,legs,body.  Super for travel, camping, horse shows and reducing plastic bottle in your Green lifestyle. Sunshine Scent - Essential oil blend  Big 5 oz Bar🌿How to use suggestion- create lather in your hands.Begin with thoroughly wet hairRub the wet shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather.Using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along with your hairGently massage focusing on the scalp then smooth through hair, as you would with a bottled shampoo.Work up a good lather and Rinse.Leave the bar out to air dry, ready for its next use.

Shampoo & Shave Bar