Solid Natural Perfume- Heaven & Earth Organics    All Natural fragrances just for you. Sensitive skin, allergies or hate using synthetic fragrances ? Living a cleaner, healthier, less toxic lifestyle then this is what you have been seeking.  Store brand perfumes use synthetic ingredients which are known hormone disruptors, irritants and not skin friendly.  Using only natural organic sents lets you enjoy wonderful fragrances made by nature.  Many have multiple benefits aside from smelling Heavenly!  Your handbags new Bestie!  1 oz. pot

Solid Perfume Pots- All Natural Scents



    Ingredients for natural perfumes- A short and simple list- Coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, organic raw bees wax, Organic natural scent oils, from essential oils, botanicals, plant extracts (made by nature) No synthetic anything.


    Pink Graperfruit- Fresh and juicy sweet ripe Pink grapefruit esential oil. Bright and cheery scent. Fresh Fun and sure to put youin a great mood. Also a good sniff can dull hunger pangs when dieting.


    Lavender Dream- Bulgarian Lavender essential oil(sweeter floral), Spanish Lavender(Spicy Crisp) Essential oil, hint of Vanilla.  Double the delight with two lavender oils in this  dreamy combonation of my favorite lavender oils. Pure relaxation, truly blissful intoxication.


    Lemon Vanilla Sugar- Smells like a delish lemon sugar cookie. Vanilla with a hint of sweet bright lemon with a sweet sugary middle note. All botanical plant extracts with lemon and vanilla.


    Peace & Tranquility- Aromatherapy for stress reduction, relaxation and getting yourself balanced from lifes stressors. Spanish lavender, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Neroli, Frankenscence.  Keep in your pocket or purse for quick relief.


    Berries and Vanilla- Super juicy power berries with creamy Vanilla.  Sweet fruity and crisp with a sweet cream Vanilla finish. Acai Berry, Black Currants, Vanilla. All pure plant based botanicals  Bursting with fresh berry Bliss.