Jennifer Deden-Mustang Trainer

Hi my name is Jennifer Deden. I am an active mustang trainer. I love training the wild mustangs. My family has trained over 75 in the past. We got our first mustang/horse when I was 2, and ever since then I have loved working with mustangs. When I was in 5th grade ( 8 or 9) I got my first mustang to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Since that day including the horse I am training currently will be my 7th. I have placed 3rd overall in my age division, 7th overall, 5th overall, and champion. I am super excited for this next makeover which I am in the middle of training. I have also done many things other than mustangs. My sister and I have competed in the Midwest Horse Fair. The Midwe

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