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Jennifer Deden-Mustang Trainer

Hi my name is Jennifer Deden. I am an active mustang trainer. I love training the wild mustangs. My family has trained over 75 in the past. We got our first mustang/horse when I was 2, and ever since then I have loved working with mustangs.

When I was in 5th grade ( 8 or 9) I got my first mustang to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Since that day including the horse I am training currently will be my 7th. I have placed 3rd overall in my age division, 7th overall, 5th overall, and champion. I am super excited for this next makeover which I am in the middle of training.

I have also done many things other than mustangs. My sister and I have competed in the Midwest Horse Fair. The Midwest Horse Fair is the largest horse fair in the USA. we were selected out of 500 entrees with 4 other youth competitors to go up and perform. I performed with my Mustang Million horse and Virginia (my sister) performed with her quarter horse. we placed 4th overall and it was a wonderful exsperience.

Finally I have done many demonstrations. I have done them at our barn in Houston Texas, and at our Cowboy Church of Leon County in Centerville Texas. And today i've been riding my horse bareback and bridless. weve also done many tricks like riding backwards, laying down, siting up, and starting steps of liberty.

Jennifer Deden

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