Darci and the Longear Rescue Donkies

Nancy Question- How did you get started rescuing Donkies? Answer Darci- In 2005 my family moved out to a 6 acre place in Castle Rock (from Denver). I had always dreamed of having horse property, so we made the move. My grandpa had a donkey named Thistle living on his ranch in Silverthorne, CO, so my whole family grew up loving donkeys and all animals!! We all grew up spending our summers in Montana riding horses and being around all kinds of animals. A few months after we moved to Castle Rock, my mom, Jody, wanted my kids and I (Parker 9, Logan 6) to go and check out a donkey shelter in Bennett, CO with her. We all went just to visit and see all the donkeys, and of course, my kids fell

Healing sarcoma and re-growing hair

This wonderful testimonial about Natures Gold came to me last fall. Natures Gold is a healing wonder, full of so many crazy good ingredients. The lovely gold color comes from many healing herbs including tumeric. In this case it healed a 1 year old sarcoma and re-grew hair for this senior TB rescue and the wonderful people who gave him a forever home. Erin and Leroy look very happy together! Nancy Lamb Leroy is now 20 y/o TB. 16.3 hands. Came as a rescue as due to Sarcoma it was either Timber Hall Farm with Catie Itschner or slaughter house. Over 1 year the Sarcoma was removed. We had trouble keeping moisture for the wound to heal from inside out and hair regrowth was non existent. We t

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