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Darci and the Longear Rescue Donkies

Nancy Question- How did you get started rescuing Donkies?

Answer Darci- In 2005 my family moved out to a 6 acre place in Castle Rock (from Denver). I had always dreamed of having horse property, so we made the move. My grandpa had a donkey named Thistle living on his ranch in Silverthorne, CO, so my whole family grew up loving donkeys and all animals!! We all grew up spending our summers in Montana riding horses and being around all kinds of animals. A few months after we moved to Castle Rock, my mom, Jody, wanted my kids and I (Parker 9, Logan 6) to go and check out a donkey shelter in Bennett, CO with her. We all went just to visit and see all the donkeys, and of course, my kids fell in love.

My daughter Logan, who had been horseback riding since she was 4, was especially in love haha. Each of my kids found a baby donkey that they just kind of bonded with, and those two (Tater and Stormy) ended up being best friends and could only be sold together. For weeks after going my kids begged and begged and somehow (my husband was unaware and NOT happy about it haha) we ended up rescuing those two donkeys. The kids and my husband, K.C., spent the summer building a fence so the donkeys could have a pasture, and fixed up the barn.

In September the two arrived and they settled in perfectly, and we all absolutely loved them!!! About two years later, we got a call from a lady who got our name from the rescue, that a trailer full of miniature donkeys had just been rescued from going to slaughter. We went out to see them .. Again not having any intentions of actually getting any.. And ended up rescuing a polka dotted mini named Sparkey and a little white mini named Moe Moe. I, of course, wanted to rescue them and give them the best life possible but I was worried. These two were extremely shy and had been very abused in the past and I want sure if they'd get along with our other two. The day they were suppose to come in February I walked outside and there was two perfect hearts in the snow on my drive way. I still have no idea where they came from.. It was early in the morning and no one had been outside yet, but I took this as a sign that I had made the right decision, and I sure did. It took years for these donkeys to trust us and to accept our trust, but they finally did and it's been the absolute most rewarding feeling and they are all of our best friends now.

Nancy--Question What have you learned from donkies and how are they different from other rescues?

Answer- Darci - These donkeys have been the greatest friends and teachers to both of my kids and have helped them get t