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Healing sarcoma and re-growing hair

This wonderful testimonial about Natures Gold came to me last fall. Natures Gold is a healing wonder, full of so many crazy good ingredients. The lovely gold color comes from many healing herbs including tumeric. In this case it healed a 1 year old sarcoma and re-grew hair for this senior TB rescue and the wonderful people who gave him a forever home. Erin and Leroy look very happy together! Nancy Lamb

Leroy is now 20 y/o TB. 16.3 hands.

Came as a rescue as due to Sarcoma it was either Timber Hall Farm with Catie Itschner or slaughter house.

Over 1 year the Sarcoma was removed. We had trouble keeping moisture for the wound to heal from inside out and hair regrowth was non existent. We tried all the baby products for sensitive skin then found Nature's Gold with daily application of the "mustard"... we called it that. It worked so well other folks wanted to share for their bites and nicks.

So Leroy is much better. Doing absolutely fantastic and showing beautifully in dressage. My daughter has even used it on his right shoulder to regrow hair from and injury. She pasted it like a thunderbolt and we'll that's what it is.

We also use the fly spray which is very effective in the Texas heat and cold.

Hope you enjoy some pics of the duo.

So glad you have more made! !

We would like to sell if you would want too at the barn.

Cheers and Best,

Erin, Nina and Leroy

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