Ellie-GHO Horse Model

When I was 14 I decided I wanted a horse that would challenge me! An when I found Ellie it was love at first sight! But boy was I in for a challenge! I remember the first time I tried riding her at home it seeming like I got on a bucking horse, and the first time I rode her in the pasture all she wanted to do was run and I fought her so hard I had skin coming off my hands after from the reins running through. Working with her further we eventually went to our first local horse show, we didn’t die so that was a success for us. More and more we showed the more we got better but felt like I needed the help from someone who knew much more then me to help and with the help of Courtney From Golden

Reins for Rescues

Triple Dream Farm LLC dba Reins for Rescues is a private family run rescue located in Northern Pennsylvania. We are able to offset the costs of caring for our rescues - primarily our equine rescues with: special dietary feed, hay, veterinary and dental care, farrier services and more by offering the very best in paracord tack and quality equine products. We started over 30 years ago as a family by rescuing and taking in dogs and cats. Now we care for over 10 equine friends taken from neglect situations, to owners who are no longer able to care for them to pulling from at risk livestock auctions. We provide love, care, compassion, rehabilitation, vetting, re-training (if needed) and re-homing

Tilly-SuperHorse Model

To share what makes Tilly such a special unicorn comes a story. This little palomino means more than anyone could know to me and how that got to be starts like this. I had put down my first horse early spring of 2013. After the loss of him I was heart broken but on the look for my next partner. I found Tilly for sale on Facebook am immediately made a 4 hour trip to see her. The second I saw that little filly walk out of her stall I looked at my dad and said she's coming home today. He asked if I was sure because I hadn't seen her do anything I didn't even know anything I about her really but I told him I didn't have to I just knew. My grandma purchased her for my 19th birthday present, every

Horse Super Model-Chief

My name is Chloe and I am 16 years old. I live In Maryland and I started to ride horses when I was 2 years old! Chief was my first horse, I got him when I was 7 years old and he was 6 years old. He is the first horse I trained to barrel race. We did it for fun at first but over time we started to do it for competition. After a year when we pulled up to races people know who we were. He qualified for the National Junior High School Finals in 2015 and 2016. Chief’s other talents are Pole bending, which he also qualified for the National Junior High School Finals in 2015 and 2016. He can also jump 4ft with ease! Now what’s so amazing about that is Chief is only 14.2 hh so he isn’t a tall horse.

Fancy- GHO horse Model

Fancy is a 6 yrs 3/4 paint and !/4 Arabian mare owned by Brianna Chamberlin. She is the first horse she has trained herself and they have a very special bond. Her many talents are trail riding, English and jumping and looking cute as heck while doing it! They have taught each other so much, always willing and a true Unicorn! While being started under saddle everyone called her a bronc but now she is the sweetest thing Sometimes patience and love will bring out the very best in our horses! We chose Fancy to be the face of our Sensitive Suds Shampoo mini size. Often horses with lots or white, light colored eyes and pink noses are the most sensitive types. She will make a great label mod

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