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Fancy- GHO horse Model

Fancy is a 6 yrs 3/4 paint and !/4 Arabian mare owned by Brianna Chamberlin. She is the first horse she has trained herself and they have a very special bond. Her many talents are trail riding, English and jumping and looking cute as heck while doing it! They have taught each other so much, always willing and a true Unicorn! While being started under saddle everyone called her a bronc but now she is the sweetest thing

Sometimes patience and love will bring out the very best in our horses! We chose Fancy to be the face of our Sensitive Suds Shampoo mini size. Often horses with lots or white, light colored eyes and pink noses are the most sensitive types. She will make a great label modle and brand ambassador for green horse organics. We love to show off horses owned by friends, family and customers!


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