Tilly-SuperHorse Model

To share what makes Tilly such a special unicorn comes a story. This little palomino means more than anyone could know to me and how that got to be starts like this. I had put down my first horse early spring of 2013. After the loss of him I was heart broken but on the look for my next partner. I found Tilly for sale on Facebook am immediately made a 4 hour trip to see her. The second I saw that little filly walk out of her stall I looked at my dad and said she's coming home today. He asked if I was sure because I hadn't seen her do anything I didn't even know anything I about her really but I told him I didn't have to I just knew. My grandma purchased her for my 19th birthday present, every girls dream right??? I brought Tilly home and the never ending battles started there. When I got her she had absolutely no training what's so ever! All they ever did was turn her out and their little girl pampered her with a brush and gave her cookies. She's incredibly smart, too smart for her own good but before I could even really start working with her she had a massive injury which I thought her career ended before it could even start. At 2 and a half Tilly had medically displaced her patella. I got a call that she was dead lame and when I get to the barn she's just dragging her back leg around. We had the vet out and shockingly ever since she hasn't had it come completely displac