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Tilly-SuperHorse Model

To share what makes Tilly such a special unicorn comes a story. This little palomino means more than anyone could know to me and how that got to be starts like this. I had put down my first horse early spring of 2013. After the loss of him I was heart broken but on the look for my next partner. I found Tilly for sale on Facebook am immediately made a 4 hour trip to see her. The second I saw that little filly walk out of her stall I looked at my dad and said she's coming home today. He asked if I was sure because I hadn't seen her do anything I didn't even know anything I about her really but I told him I didn't have to I just knew. My grandma purchased her for my 19th birthday present, every girls dream right??? I brought Tilly home and the never ending battles started there. When I got her she had absolutely no training what's so ever! All they ever did was turn her out and their little girl pampered her with a brush and gave her cookies. She's incredibly smart, too smart for her own good but before I could even really start working with her she had a massive injury which I thought her career ended before it could even start. At 2 and a half Tilly had medically displaced her patella. I got a call that she was dead lame and when I get to the barn she's just dragging her back leg around. We had the vet out and shockingly ever since she hasn't had it come completely displaced again but it definitely hurts her somedays. With this injury she was unable to work small circles so breaking her just became 10 times harder and I had to skip 90% of the ground work and just hop on hoping for the best. Tilly's the first horse I've ever fully broke and trained myself and I'd have to say she's come out pretty good! It definitely wasn't an easy battle and still there's many days where she puts up fights til the days done but I never in my life met a horse who gave so much compassion and heart to you! But after we over came her issues and got her on track for her barrel career we hit another injury that went unsolved for 3 years. Tilly would randomly become lame in the front end. Sometimes it would only last a few days sometimes weeks. People can't believe all the money I've dumped into her just to get her ridable but I couldn't give up on her. I'm still looking at the possibility of her hock ending her as there is unknown swollen cartilage blocking in the hock but I've done massive research and am doing all I can to take care of her to heal the cartilage. As we stand she's prepping for one of the largest shows in the northeast United States. From day one I knew she was meant for barrels. The first time she ever saw a barrel she whipped right around it like she'd been doing it for years. I never in my life have seen a horse that loved their job as much as she loves getting out and working the pattern. She gives me 150% everytime we go out no matter how she feels, which is why it took me so long to find her injuries because she hid them from me. Tilly's attitude is out of this world! Kid you not she's higher maintenance than the Kardashian's and she's got no time for anybody. She seriously thinks she's Beyonce or something. My vet actually told me that drugs weren't enough to calm this one down she needs Jesus! But I wouldn't trade her for the fastest barrel horse in the world. To add to all that what makes her more special is the connection she has with the woman who bought her. This past May I unexpectedly lost my grandma. She wasn't just my grandma though, she was my mom, my dad when she needed to be and most of all my best friend. She supported me through everything and was always there when I had no where to turn. After losing her my whole world got ripped out from under me and flipped upside down. I moved to her house had to quit my job to help my grandpa and struggle to find a new one to pay bills. I broke up with someone of 3 plus years and thought Tilly was going to never get to do what she lives for. But in the past several months my life has changed all for the better. I'm now starting the dream career for most,

Tilly's on her way to big things and I've got someone by my side who's helped immensely to make it all happen. Everyday I see my grandma in Tilly and that little palomino makes me so happy it hurts and brings tears to the eyes. I never in a million years could give up on her.

Tilly is our Golden Palomino that will be our Model for the Natures Gold label. Healing all sorts of skin problems, cuts and sores our horses get themselves into. Made from the finest exotic herbs and botanicals for supreme healing. This little wonder is also great at growing hair back!

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