Ellie-GHO Horse Model

When I was 14 I decided I wanted a horse that would challenge me! An when I found Ellie it was love at first sight! But boy was I in for a challenge! I remember the first time I tried riding her at home it seeming like I got on a bucking horse, and the first time I rode her in the pasture all she wanted to do was run and I fought her so hard I had skin coming off my hands after from the reins running through. Working with her further we eventually went to our first local horse show, we didn’t die so that was a success for us. More and more we showed the more we got better but felt like I needed the help from someone who knew much more then me to help and with the help of Courtney From Golden Touch Stables and now we are working towards breed shows! And hopefully Worlds soon! An during the proses of learning how to train a horse I learned that I loved it! And competed in the Youth Extreme Mustang Makeover! An I couldn’t of had that amazing experience with out everything I learned with Ellie.