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Reins for Rescues

Triple Dream Farm LLC dba Reins for Rescues is a private family run rescue located in Northern Pennsylvania. We are able to offset the costs of caring for our rescues - primarily our equine rescues with: special dietary feed, hay, veterinary and dental care, farrier services and more by offering the very best in paracord tack and quality equine products. We started over 30 years ago as a family by rescuing and taking in dogs and cats. Now we care for over 10 equine friends taken from neglect situations, to owners who are no longer able to care for them to pulling from at risk livestock auctions. We provide love, care, compassion, rehabilitation, vetting, re-training (if needed) and re-homing, whenever possible 100% of all proceeds from the sale of our products go to the daily care of our rescues. As a multi-generational family, we are committed to the overall well being of our rescues and continue to donate our time and skills to that end. The farm is on Facebook under "Triple Dream Farm". Please feel free to visit us there and keep up to date on all our rescues - or come and see us!

Christina Hannan works herself to death to support and finance this rescue while working full time as a nurse and having small children to wrangle! Every penny she earns from the hand made tack goes back into her rescue at Triple Dream Farms. Reins for Rescues is her retail site for horse tack that supports these second chance horses, donkeys and all creatures thrown away and in need of love, shelter and care. This is a fantastic rescue that gets my full support. Nancy

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