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Welcome New GHO Ambassador

Caitlin Finney is a 22 yr old trainer located in Lansing, Michigan. She has spent her whole life growing up around horses. She has mostly competed in western and speed events. Caitlin's focus is on Natural Horsemanship, Liberty, and trick training. She has 4 rescue horses named Riley, Moon, Mocha, and Skye. Recently she added her 2022 Michigan TIP Challenge yearling Nugget to the family. Nugget has transformed into an extraordinary ambassador not only for mustangs but all young horses. Caitlin and Nugget placed champion in the 18-34 age group and overall reserve champion in her first TIP challenge out of 22 competitors. Caitlin and Nugget were the champions in the open-in-hand division. Her goal is to continue gentling both rescues and mustangs. Her future plans include becoming a TIP trainer, and continuing her education.

Give a big warm welcome to this new extraordinary mustang trainer! She is going to be a fantastic addition to our greenhorse team and we look forward to following all of her training, shows and events along the way!


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