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Erin Phillips Mustang Mission

About Mustang Mission

Mustang Mission is an equine rescue focusing on rescuing mustangs and burros from slaughter, those in danger of being sent to slaughter (3-strikes mustangs and mustangs at livestock auctions), and from neglect and abuse. Our rescue provides the best, natural care to these animals and places them in loving homes. Since so many people in the east coast have never heard about the mustangs and burros living in the west, one of Mustang Mission’s main goals is to bring awareness to the east about mustangs and burros and educate our community on the challenges they face. A very important part of Mustang Mission is advocating for the mustangs and burros still living in the wild and fighting for them to remain in the wild.

All mustangs and burros are gentled and trained without fear, pain, or intimidation, using liberty techniques and positive reinforcement training. They go through a very thorough training program – with a goal that they will be trained to handle any situation, experience, and sound. After our mustangs are saddle trained, they are offered for adoption to the best homes!

In the near future, we hope to provide a small sanctuary where older mustangs and mustangs that are harder to train can live the rest of their lives in peace and freedom


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