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Look who carries GHO in their Iowa Store! Iowa Pet

I know many customers would love to have a place to grab their favorite Green Horse products in person. So we partnered with a fantastic Iowa store that loves All kinds of animals. Iowa Pet Foods has feed and products for everything from barnyard critters, to dogs, cats, fish and now horses!! The owners have been in business for 32 years right in the heart of West Des Moines because they know their stuff. Spoiler alert! Owner Lori Clark-Sandahl is a childhood friend of mine and has grown increasingly passionate about horses over the past years. Lori and her sister Melinda are Extremely discriminating, knowledgeable, and geared towards understanding the power/benefits of natural products. So walk on in and know you are in good hands! We will continue to be here online selling nationwide but wanted to offer you an Iowa base to get your horse essentials. GHO is made in Iowa with love and believe this is a perfect pairing with an outstanding family-owned Iowa store. Welcome Iowa Pet Foods to the Green Horse Family!


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