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Colleen and her Dream come true senior Equine

Her breed is a National Show Horse (Half Arab/Half Saddlebred)and she is a Palomino. Cassie is a 27 yr old mare( my dream come true senior horse in my senior years)! I've loved them forever and always wanted my own but had to wait until I retired to finally realize my dream. She was a brood mare before she came to me and mothered 6 foals. I ride her English both indoors and out, & on the trails, and I am proud to say we are "metal free" (no bit, no shoes!). We do not show, I am all about our relationship and helping her to live like a horse as much as possible! She is boarded 5 miles from my home and has her own stall/shed & paddock that she can come in and go out as she pleases. I go every day and clean her stall/paddock, bring her alfalfa mixed with her supplements and an apple. She has two boyfriends (geldings!) in the paddock next to her that she pays no attention to unless you take one of them out of the paddock, then she gets very upset! I taught her to give me a kiss when she wants a treat!

This is probably much more than you needed to know but for some reason, I get passionate whenever I talk about her or any horse! When I'm not with her at the barn, I volunteer at a Therapeutic Equestrian Center and also exercise ride there. I am very, very blessed to be spending the last years of my life with horses every day, my lifetime dream come true! Colleen and Cassie

I love how passionate Colleen is about her lovely senior mare! What a wonderful pair they make; each fulfilling the others dream. Nancy

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