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Leah and her family-love these guys!

Hey! thanks so much. what you do is so worthwhile and i really appreciate your work. here in florida we have bugs all year long and your product keeps my boys safe and comfortable. our whole life philosophy is to do no harm and i feel great using your products not only for the well being of my horses but also for myself and the environment. 100% peace of mind and an added bonus of a beautiful scent.

thanks again. a loyal fan!


I had to share this beautiful photo and email of a longtime Green Horse customer Leah L. I like to share the uplifting comments that keep me excited and inspired about waht I do. Making unmathed natural equine products that horse owners can trust and depend on to work is what its all about for me. Creating change as more owners embrace a Green barn paradise and join the GH family

. Love your horse, yourself and the Earth-naturally.... Nancy Lamb

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