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Alix Worley

Welcome Alix Worley Extreme Mustang makeover competitior and newes ambassador for Green Horse Organics. I recently had Alix pen a bio about herself and i feel she was extremely modest! I thing she is inspiring to all youth rider and has a huge heart! Deciding to take on a daunting task as training a wild mustang is beyond most young cowgirls dreams. Hard work, time patience, building trust are a few of the skills required for attempting to turn a BLM mustang into a trusted mount. With natural talent way beyond her years we are excited to watch this young cowgirl go from great to superstar! She will start a new mustang for the 2017 makeover and we will take you on the adventure with Alix. She is an advocate of using all natural means from horsemanship to products to care for her beloved horses. Alix we salute you and think you are a Rockstar-Go get em girl! We are behind you all the way!

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