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Meet Cat Zimmerman

Cat Zimmerman is a 15 year old youth mustang trainer from Morristown, NJ that also splits the year in Archer, FL. She has been around horses since the age of 3, and got into training mustangs when she was 12. She was born into the hunter/jumper world but branched off and found her true passion and love for mustangs in 2015 through the Extreme Mustang Makeover program. Cat placed 4th overall out of 17 in her first Youth Mustang Makeover, didn't compete in her second due to colic, and was the overall champion of her third Makeover. Outside of the EMM, Cat gentles and trains mustangs that she adopts, rescues, or is hired by others. Cat is very passionate about the breed, as she also performs with her small team of mustangs at various fairs, expos, and events as a way to promote the mustang.

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