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Rubys Home for Good

A little Introduction to a new and very worthy rescue supported by Green horse Organics.

Welcome to Ruby's Home for Good! This project is the culmination of many dreams and efforts to create a significant impact on the lives of horses and humans through equine rescue and rehabilitation and horsemanship education programs. We will foster or adopt horses that are abused, neglected, homeless, or at risk of slaughter, and provide them with a safe, permanent home that prioritizes their needs and well being. We will share our horses with those who have unique challenges, with full confidence in the many benefits that horse interactions bring to humans. We especially look forward to serving our veteran community and at risk youth. We hope you will join us in this great adventure by visiting often, sharing our mission with your friends and family, and supporting our growing herd of horses. Located in Texas and run by Erin Malia. We will be keeping you posted on this rescue.

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