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Julie and Ted -You will be smitten

My name is Julie and my husband, Ed -- has been ordering your spray for our neighbor’s donkey. We try to get down to the farm every day to give him carrots and are so grateful for your spray! We had been using something suggested to us at the local Tractor and Supply store. But I was concerned about the toxicity of the chemicals…The directions told us to use gloves and I thought, “heavens, this poor old donkey is going to have some serious problems if we use this!” We always leave Ted (the donkey) completely relieved to have those flies leave him alone.

Our neighbor is now 91 yrs. old and has offered to give us Ted. We have never had any large animals before and as both of us recently turned 60 – it’s probably crazy for us to be doing this. But Ted is precious and the winters here in N.E. Pennsylvania can be intense. We hope to get him in the next few months and perhaps get him a friend in the way of a goat. (He used to have a miniature donkey friend named Ned, but sadly he passed away last year.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is – and we always recommend it to anyone we know who has large animals. (Wish I could spray all the cows down on this farm too, but sadly it’s not realistic!)

You must have a very caring heart to have developed this product – and it’s clear you do, as you also included the roll-on gift. Thank you so much!

Take care and God bless,


This cutie is Ted! I was so happy you shared your story with me about helping out Teds owner. Julie You are an extra special soul that cares for animals and your neighbors. I was delighted to get the photo and let everyone know about this special mini donkey and the new love you have found taking care of him naturally. You bet we are all smitten with this guy! Nancy

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