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Hello Horse Fam! I'm the face behind the scenes and Founder of Green Horse Organics. I'm much better at showcasing my Brand Ambassadors and amazing GHO customers than myself. However in an attempt to put the face with the Brand I will be attempting to post/blog/Vlog/FB/Insta more often. What im developing at GHO, spotlight my herd and daily grooming, product testing, product how to's and daily horse related information. I know many of my customers and their horses so i thought it was time to share more about myself. ive met so many incredible horse owners with equally inspiring stories over the years. This is the sweetest part of what I do and Im beyond blessed to do something Im passionate about every day. The Horse community is one big family that supports and encourages each other. Your stories and testimonials make my day and Im forever grateful for the opportunity to make natural products that improve your horses life. Powered by Mother Nature is more than a Tag line, Its a Natural Cowgirls/Cowboys way of Life.

Nancy Elizabeth Lamb

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