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November Newsletter

Customer Appreciation Giveaway for November is here! Beautiful Montana West handbag..  Easy to Enter- Your Order is your entry. Winner will be selected and announced on December 1.  Just my way of saying thank you for supporting a small, Organic, woman run business that truly cares about you and your horse. Fall is a great time to add something new to your skincare routine. Check out the latest products and wonderful New limited edition Fall Soaps!  The winner is Jennifer Snell!! Fun Fall Contest ended! Join the fun and win an amazing prize package. You can join in on Instagram and Facebook. Just comment about your favorite fall memory and tag a few horses friends. Look for a new contest starting very soon! hint- unicorn Doctors bag makes a comeback! Happy Fall Yall,  Nancy Elizabeth

Whats New--

  • November Giveaway coming up soon!

  • New Fall Soaps- Creme brulee, Fall fest, Mocha Latte, Pumpkin Pie

  • Active Ambassadors should tag me and use all the GHO hashtags in your posts/events/stories- This is how we grow our green passion! Attention Georga TIP trainers sponsored by GHO- get in touch with me asap.

  • November Customer Appreciation Giveaway- Beautiful Montana west bag shown above.

  • Athletes Hoof is nearly finished! Debuting soon. 

  • New FAll soaps rolling out

  • Waterless Cleaning spray is being tested and almost perfected.


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