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Team Green Horse Alert!

Ashlyn Popiwczak is an 18 year old trainer that lives in Georgetown, KY, where she runs Heart of the Wild Horsemanship. Ashlyn started training Mustangs in 2019 when she got her first Mustang for the 2019 West KY TIP Challenge. Since then, she has competed in the 2020 KY EMM and 2020 GA TIP Challenge, will be competing in the 2021 OH Equine Affaire TIP Challenge, and has worked and rescued several other Mustangs as well. She has always loved horses and is extremely active in 4-H. She shows her Quarter Horse mare with PHBA and AQHA when not working with Mustangs. Mustangs have truly stolen her heart and her main goal is to get them out of holding, gentled, and adopted into loving homes.

Welcome Ashlyn! This young talented trainer is working overtime with her many mustang rescues. I dont know how she does it all. So much to report, it will require many more blog post! We are super proud to have this lady on our team.


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