Meet Natalie Berryhill

I am 19 years old from Remus, Michigan. I moved my two horses and I, to Pratt Kansas on scholarship for the Central Plains National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. After I graduate with my associates from Pratt Community College I will continue my college rodeo career in Oklahoma. My family raced race horses my whole life so I have been around horses since i was a child. I started an interest in rodeo when I was ten and started training my own barrel horses. Both of my mares I raised and trained all the way up to the very competitive rodeo horses they now are. Both being mares (grumpy as you can imagine) and being on the road constantly, I have to balance not only their nerves but their health care as well. My girls are both very nervous and sensitive horses. When I first came across your website a year ago, I was looking for an all-natural, horse safe, oil that would soothe my girls when we were at a rodeo.