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Meet Natalie Berryhill

I am 19 years old from Remus, Michigan. I moved my two horses and I, to Pratt Kansas on scholarship for the Central Plains National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. After I graduate with my associates from Pratt Community College I will continue my college rodeo career in Oklahoma. My family raced race horses my whole life so I have been around horses since i was a child. I started an interest in rodeo when I was ten and started training my own barrel horses. Both of my mares I raised and trained all the way up to the very competitive rodeo horses they now are. Both being mares (grumpy as you can imagine) and being on the road constantly, I have to balance not only their nerves but their health care as well. My girls are both very nervous and sensitive horses. When I first came across your website a year ago, I was looking for an all-natural, horse safe, oil that would soothe my girls when we were at a rodeo.

Many people buy essentials oils not knowing what is in them and I have seen first-hand horses having bad side effects. So, I was on a hunt for a total organic and safe product. After trying the steady eddy, I became a big believer in all-natural products with not only the oils I put around their sensitive areas, but began throwing out all chemicals in my horse program. I soon started using your liniment and your fly spray as well on my colts and competitive horses. The biggest difference I noticed of all the products was the liniment. They felt great and it actually seemed to last on their legs noticeably longer than any chemical liniment I've tried. Especially in rodeo horses, it is important to keep their legs feeling great so they can go from rodeo to rodeo at the top of their game.

Just like any horse owner, I want to use the safest and effective products I can to keep these athletes at the top of their game. Many rodeo competitors have this same view, but have yet to experience the organic side of the horse industry. By completely adding GHO to my program, it would allow me to have the safest products on my horses and give me a better piece of mind knowing I'm doing my best for them. I would also be able to guarantee clients that when they bring their training horses to me, they are in the care of the best products as well. I have been so impressed with Green Horse Organics and would be honored to be able to be another positive ambassador.

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