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First Horse- Lifelong Dream Come True

Hi, my name is Loree Eliot and this is the new man in my life, Dante.

I emerged from my mother’s womb wanting and needing the company of horses…which is kinda funny as I was born in Detroit nowhere around any horses, and to a family who had not one bit of interest in horses nor the means to indulge my passion. My exposure to horses consisted of saving up my allowance or babysitting money during the winter, and then going to a stable and renting a horse for an hour in the summer when I was visiting my aunt and uncle at their lakefront cottage in northern Michigan. Anytime a birthday or Christmas came around and anyone asked me what I wanted, I’d answer without hesitation, “A horse”. Long story short, it never happened. And yet the passion remained…

Fast forward: moved west to California with a friend, marriage, two sons, building up our construction business, building our own home, Life in general, riding a horse whenever I found myself near a stable. Sixty-first birthday came around, thought if my dream of a horse was ever going to come to fruition, it better be now. I live at 7000’ elevation, no one keeps horses here year round…but a mere 40 minute drive from my house is the beautiful Carson Valley in northern Nevada. I started out with a simple goal: learn a little more riding finesse than just getting on a stable horse and holding on! So I started with lessons - first once a week, then twice a week…then after a year and a half, started shopping with my trainer (who also happens to own the ranch). We searched and searched, I loved every horse we looked at and most likely would have bought them all (thank God my trainer gently restrained me!). And then came the online post of Dante. We journeyed to Idaho to see and ride him. Within two hours I’d made an offer to buy him pending the vet check. It took a while to find a transport I was comfortable with, and in late November of 2019 my beautiful horse arrived safely at the ranch that has become my place of peace and centering. So at the tender age of 63, I have the great blessing and honor of seeing a lifelong dream come to fruition. Dante bucked me off about a month after I got him, which I now consider a blessing as well- I didn’t get hurt (my ego was bruised!), and it set me on a different trajectory training-wise. I am learning so much every day about how to communicate with Dante in a way he understands, about riding, horse care, and so many profound Life lessons that apply to ALL my relationships, and about stepping into one’s own power. I always said I was learning more from my children than I could ever hope to teach them, and it feels the same with Dante. I am ever grateful for all I’ve learned from him in the 3 short months I’ve had him, and looking forward to cultivating a lifelong partnership with him. I love my riding lessons (dressage, no interest in competing though), and I hope to be able to trail ride and explore liberty work with him as well.

After I discovered Loree was a first time horse owner, I couldnt wait to share her story with you! Im beyond excited for Loree and Dante and all the adventures they will have together, Nancy Lamb

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