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Surprise Mustang Baby

Bailey was the first BLM mustang I purchased. She is a 3 year old mare out of Triple B Nevada, ironically it was because of her that I purchased my first Gree

n Horse Organics product, it was the Beauty Balm. At the holding facility she was in there was another mare that she was extremely attached to, so when I brought her home she was very depressed at first. Bailey is by far the calmest mustang I have ever worked with. She was halter broke in one day of training! I brought Bailey home in the very beginning of July. Where I work causes me to work fairly long hours in the fall time, due to this I wasn't able to tackle her training the way I originally planned, but it all ended up working out in the end. I worked with her quite a bit in July but then kind of took a break for awhile.

September was my prime time of working with her. We tackled all kind of desensitizing, leading, lunging, etc. After I began working long hours I decided to cut back for the winter, and start up strong in the spring. Late November/Early December, we began to notice that she had gained an extreme amount of weight in a short period of time. At first I was very nervous that I was feeding her incorrectly since she was my first mustang. After having the vet come out we determined that we had two main options, either change her diet and see what happens in 30 days or test her for being pregnant. I will admit, at first I was in extreme denial (even though the vet was leaning towards pregnancy). I was determined there was no way she was pregnant and opted to change her diet slightly and watch progress. I started lining things up to transition, while in the process I reached out to a friend of mine that has had a lot of mustangs in her life and asked her opinion. She instantly told me that she looked pregnant, so I called up the vet and told him I changed my mind, I wanted to do the pregnancy test. He came out within in a few days and we were able to do an ultrasound. We discovered Bailey as pregnant! I have to admit, I was extremely excited! Even though I started in denial. We began the journey to best prepare Bailey to have her baby!

Through the next couple months, I spent a lot of time with Bailey, we did lots of leading and light lunging in order to keep her in great shape to have the baby. We also work tremendously on desensitizing and gaining trust so she would let us being around the baby once he was here. We changed her diet to give her the best nutrition possible throughout the pregnancy.

On March 23, 2020 Bailey gave birth to a gorgeous colt, Champ! Throughout the pregnancy the vet and I were worried about how much she would let me be hands on with the baby or how protective she was going to get. We were pleasantly surprised. I have been able to be hands on with Champ since day 1 and Bailey still has her loving personality. Bailey is definitely a mustang to remember! I am very excited to have both her and Champ in my life. Because she was so easy to train, that is what led me to continue my mustang journey which is how I ended up with Bentley and Aurora. Also no doubt that there will be more mustangs in the future, maybe even this year! Almost all of my horses are rescues (even if they don't appear that way on the outside) or a mustang and I plan to stick to that pattern!


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